We believe in Remotopia.

re•mo•to•pi•a /rəˈmō tōpēə/
a state of being in which a perfect balance between one’s personal life and work life is achieved within location independence.

We believe working from home or at your neighborhood coffee shop is better than being cooped up in the office.  However, after a while all routines get stale, and personal growth slows down.

In an effort to take full advantage of your location independence, we recommend shifting your space.  Whether it’s for a month or a year, new surroundings lead to personal development, increased creativity, and lower stress levels.  The addition of a new cultural surrounding adds elements of curiosity and wonder to your day to help reset your life balance and achieve remotopia.

Besides… who says you need to spend another frigid winter at home?

We believe the workplace is shifting.

In the U.S. alone, there are more than 3.2 million remote workers, and that number is growing fast.

The collision of the two trends below are causing the location-independent workforce to sky-rocket both in the U.S. and globally:

  1. The number of jobs in the workforce that can be done remotely is growing.  Currently, in the United States alone, 50 million people hold jobs that COULD be done remotely.
  2. Hiring remote workers is more efficient than on-site employees.  Just one remote worker saves a company an average of $11,000 USD per year. Sources
We believe in making your travel experience seamless and easy.

Oh, you meant, “What do we ACTUALLY do?

We create life-changing temporary workspaces (including housing) for remote workers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and any other location-independent individuals.

We do all the heavy-lifting for you.  You simply get on the plane, make one monthly payment and we take care of the rest.  We take care of all the transportation, visa applications, housing, work-space, payments, food, medical care, WIFI, and more.

The goal of our operations team is ensure you don’t ever have to worry about the small things.  This allows you to focus on working better than you ever have and freeing up your time to explore the new culture you are experiencing.

Next steps for getting involved:

We just announced that our next Shift_Space trip will start on February 1st in Sri Lanka.  Click here to learn more about that trip and how to apply!

Ready to rock?  Click the button below to apply for one of our trips:

If Sri Lanka isn’t a possibility for you, please sign up our newsletter below and we will update you when other Shift_Space locations are announced.

Thank you!

The Shift Space Team

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  • Dan
    DanCo-Founder & Advisor

    Dan is a recovering corporate yes man.  He escaped the corporate life in 2012, built his own digital ad agency, and began traveling exclusively.  He enjoys writing in the present tense, is an avid sports fan, former NBA dunk team member, aspiring videographer, and a WWII & Civil War history nerd.

    Dan is as an advisor to the Shift_Space team.

    • Brandon
      BrandonCo-Founder & Community Director

      Former corporate sales rep turned nomadic entrepreneur. Street food ninja, avid outdoorsman, life long learner, craft beer geek, and live music junkie. Co-founder of The Yoga Nomads.

      Brandon is in charge of selecting locations and crafting world class experiences for Shift_Space.

      • Anne
        AnneCommunity Manager - Asia

        An active yogi who enjoys live music and exploring the beautiful world around us.  Anne is a people person whose often spotted sipping chai tea, connecting with like-minded people, and speaking Spanish.

        Anne is in charge of organizing the chaos and building our sense of community at Shift_Space Sri Lanka.  Think of her as your personal tour guide and new best friend.

        Upcoming Shift_Space Locations:

        SRI LANKA

        World-class beaches, incredible wildlife, top notch surf, amazing tea, healthy food, premiere yoga studios, not to mention an exploding entrepreneurship culture.  Learn More


        Seamless public transportation, long summer nights, world famous nightlife, vibrant art scene, impossibly cool cafes, endless green spaces, and of course the bustling startup scene.  Learn More


        Incredible landscapes, bustling cities, killer music scene, mountains to top, indigenous cultures, stunning architecture, and an economy that is booming.  Learn More