What’s a Shift_Space?

A temporary living and working community for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote workers. Example: 20 like-minded people live and work remotely in Berlin for 2 months while working on their own side projects.

What type of people participate in Shift_Space?

Digital Nomads, Playmakers, Disruptors, and Dreamers.  Most participants earn their living as Developers, Designers, Freelancers, or Entrepreneurs.

Am I required to collaborate with other participants?

No – you’re not required to do anything. However, don’t be surprised if you end up partnering with another participant and try to take over the world.

Do I need a passport?

Yes. To travel internationally you need a passport. We recommend taking care of this asap if you haven’t already as it can take several weeks.

Can I come for a shorter time instead?

As a participant, you’re free to come and go as you choose. However if you’re accepted into the program, your financial commitment is set in stone whether you stay for the full 2 months or leave early.

What if I want to explore the region? (i.e. weekend excursions in Singapore, Croatia, or Peru)

You can and should explore the region! A big part of the Shift Space experience is about travel. Most people find their creativity skyrockets by surrounding yourself with new sights and smells.

What are my obligations once I arrive onsite?

Nothing is required of our participants.  We will organize team events, workshops, and weekend excursions – however, they are always optional. Your only obligation is to yourself. We encourage you to make the most of your experience – whatever that means to YOU.

What’s a typical day/week like?

First off, everything at Shift Space is optional. We understand that everyone structures their days differently. We offer tools to improve your work life and offer social programs to ensure you’re having a blast!

A typical day consists of equal parts busting our ass and exploring Sri Lanka.

Most participants will stay local during the week and then take weekend excursions to nearby cities/countries. We promote a healthy work/life balance for everyone. It’s proven that we do our best work when we’re happy and healthy!

A typical day in Sri Lanka consist of…

8:00AM Surf or Yoga
9:30AM breakfast (free)
10:00AM Work session #1
12:30PM Lunch with friends overlooking the lake
1:30PM Work session #2
5:00PM Skill sharing workshop (optional)
7:30PM Dinner onsite or nearby
8:30PM Relax, movies, nightlife, etc


Each week you can expect…

  • Family dinner once per week
  • Mastermind group meetings
  • Skill sharing workshops
  • A group of people hitting the town
  • Yoga on Monday mornings taught by Anne
  • Weekend excursion in Sri Lanka (Bathe elephants, hike in a national park, wildlife safari, cultural tours, surf trip, etc)

What is the housing situation?

Each participant will have their own villa located onsite. Villas have their own personal WIFI router, modern bathroom, rain shower, mini-bar, desk, and private balcony. Workspace is 10 steps from your front door. 

Where will we be working?

Each Shift Space has a fully equipped modern workspace designed to maximize productivity, creativity, and collaboration. This is not your average coffee shop. Get ready to make plays on your next big project!

In Sri Lanka each participant has their own villa with private balcony and their own personal WIFI router. You know, in case you want to work in your pajamas :)

How's the WIFI?

High quality and reliable. As location independent entrepreneurs ourselves, we fully understand the importance of good WIFI.

In Sri Lanka, each villa has their own personal WIFI router on top of the workspace.

What's Sri Lanka like?

Lonely Planet ranked it as the top destination in 2013. If that’s not enough for you, check out this article on the NY Times.

Simply put, Sri Lanka has it all.  World-class beaches, misty mountains, amazing tea, majestic temples, mighty elephants, stealthy leopards, and giant whales.  Not to mention some of the best food in all of Asia!

What’s included with the price?

  • Your own stand alone villa (includes private balcony, bathroom, rain shower, satellite TV, mini-bar, personal wifi router)
  • 24/7 access to the community workspace (10 steps from your villa)
  • Breakfast every day
  • Transportation locally via shuttle (Beach, town, grocery store, bar, etc)
  • Weekly team dinners (free)
  • Mastermind groups & business pitch workshops, (participation is optional)
  • Onsite chef available to prepare lunch/dinner (only pay cost of food)
  • Free use of pool and bar onsite (drinks not included)

What’s NOT included in the price?

  • Airfare (we’ll help coordinate if needed)
  • Most lunches and dinners (all breakfasts are free)
  • Drinks at the bar

Tell me about the Shift Space Sri Lanka Campus

Our campus is located on a luscious waterfront property only 5 minutes from one of the best beaches in Asia. We’ve built out our entire place to ensure everything is tailored to your needs.

Overview of the campus:

  • 12 stand alone villas (each person gets their own villa)
  • Shared workspace with high speed internet and plenty of space
  • Each villa has their own personal WIFI router, bathroom, rain shower, mini-bar, and private balcony
  • Organic farm that grows tea, vegetables, spices, and fruit (3 acres with walkways to explore)
  • 10 minute to the beach, town, etc (local transport is included in price)
  • Some restaurants/bars are within walking distance
  • Outdoor pool
  • Restaurant serving Western and Sri Lankan Food (and overlooks the river)
  • Full service bar
  • Ayurvedic Spa
  • Riverside bonfire pit and BBQ area

Can I bring my significant other?

Yes, we offer discounted rates for people applying as a pair.

What about Visas for Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka has very favorable visa regulations. Many countries are given free visas on arrival, others require getting visas online before arrival. Check requirements based on country of citizenship at VisaHQ. Let us know if you would like assistance.

How often will our rooms be cleaned?

Rooms can be cleaned on a daily basis and linen will be changed every three days.

What type of food do you serve?

We have full access to a local chef who will be cooking meals exclusively for our group. The chef can cook both Sri Lankan and Western food. Dietary restrictions can be met (please contact us with your requirements to confirm).

Sample Menu for Breakfast:
juice, fruit, tea, and coffee are included with all breakfasts)

  • English Breakfast – 2 eggs, sausage or bacon, grilled tomato, baked beans, and toast
  • Muesli, Yoghurt, and Fruit
  • String hoppers with Fish Curry, Coconut Sambal and Dhal Curry
  • Country Style Bread with Coconut Sambal, Dhal and Chicken/ Fish Curry/ Fried Eggs
  • Additional options available upon request

Sample menu for Lunch and Dinner:

  • Sri Lankan Lunch Buffet – rice, 4 types of curries, pasta, fruit salad, dessert
  • Seafood Kabobs + sides
  • Indian Naan with Tandoori Chicken
  • Grilled fish of the day + sides
  • Vegetable Kabobs with rice and Indian Naan
  • Additional options available upon request

What’s the application process?

  1. Fill out the brief application form (your background, experience, country of origin, etc)
  2. After evaluating your application, we will jump on a skype call to get to know you on a personal level, learn more about your past experience, and allow you ask any questions you have about the upcoming experience.
  3. After discussing you and your application, we’ll send you a note letting you know if you’re accepted. If accepted, we’ll send you a welcome package (guide to Sri Lanka, next step to reserve your spot, etc).  Expect to hear from us 1-2 weeks after your Skype interview.

How's the beach?

We’re located nearby Bentota Beach which is considered one of the top beaches in the world. Access to water sports, surfing, etc. Picture of the beach. 

Couldn’t I do this on my own?

Of course you could fly to Sri Lanka and find a hostel and some wifi to work! In fact we did that for several years before realizing how inefficient it was to get REAL work done.

We would burn 5 days in each new location just trying to find suitable accommodation, a decent WIFI connection, restaurants that served good (and cheap) food, etc.

By the time we finally had a group of friends and a productive schedule nailed down it, our two months were over and it was time to leave!

Benefits of a Shift Space community VS doing it on your own

  • Wasting time cooking and eating out? We have a chef onsite + free breakfast
  • Tired of hunting for decent WIFI? Our workspace has great WIFI and each villa has their own personal router
  • Struggling to connect with like-minded people on the road? Good thing a dozen other entrepreneurs live next door.
  • Can’t afford to waste 5 days finding an apartment for the month? Be fully operational by the time you arrive in Sri Lanka
  • Economies of scale: We’re renting the entire place out and offer it at a discount to you!
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